RIZZES  Smart Baby Bottle Making Machine

RIZZES Smart Baby Bottle Making Machine

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Variable frequency temperature control

The 1.3-litre water tank has a built-in high-precision temperature sensor that precisely adjusts the temperature range from 40° to 60°. 11 water output: 30 ml, 60 ml, 70 ml, 80 ml, 90 ml, 100 ml, 120 ml, 150 ml, 180 ml, 210 ml and 240 ml.

Industrial solutions to plug nozzle problems

With the continuous improvement of powder spouts over the past three years, Rizees has finally found a solution to the problem of plugging the spout.
The sealed powder container holds 400 grams of milk powder and is consumed for 2-4 days.

completely dissolved

The Rizees patented device has an instant dissolution mechanism that separates milk powder and water to reduce leftovers.

High quality detachable material Rizees

chose Tritan as their equipment material. Tritan is a typical material for baby bottles. It is imported from the United States and does not contain BPA. The price is four times that of food grade PP. The detachable design is easy to clean.

App Smart Connect formula making remote control

The app can subtly identify and bind the surrounding milking equipment as you allow. With the Bluetooth connection app and milking equipment, you can remotely control the recipe making process. You will find it convenient to make recipes at night. Simple equipment, simple and convenient for everyone